Norway Springs Water Service

"The Upper Peninsula Water Pros"

Norway Springs got started with bringing BOTTLED WATER to homes and business across the Upper Peninsula over 11 years ago. New to Norway Springs is our TOTAL HOME FILTRATION. We can now help you with ALL of your water needs. We solve UP water problems economically and effectively, with solutions ranging from $21.05 a month for delivery of bottled water all the way to $59/month filtration programs to $2000 + filtration systems which solve all water problems for your entire home or office. Ask us the best way to service your needs.

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Fresh water delivered to your house can be a reality with Norway Springs. We deliver to homes and businesses all over Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.


"Norway... is knowledgeable and professional about water filtration systems."

"...more than reliable service... they do whatever is necessary!”

"Their filtration service is unique in the business... great company!”

“Norway Springs has the best water in the Upper Peninsula.”

“They worked with me to create a plan I could afford.”